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Its been about 2 weeks since I last posted anything. I was away for Memorial weekend and I just felt too lazy to cook and video and blog.

I usually go away to a lake house every Memorial weekend, this year in 14 years we actually had 90 degree weather. I am not complaining, but there was two houses next to us on either side and we were the only house hold that would be inside all day and only came out when the sun set! Brown people are terribly afraid of sunlight, we actually like to keep our winter color!

The lake water was seriously ice cold, but we did catch a huge big mouth, wide mouth or large mouth bass! I really cannot recall the correct term for it.

This week my little monster who is not so little anymore is graduating from middle school and heading into the big leagues of high school. I can hardly believe it! Granted she is taller than me by a foot or a head, and her feet is the size of a basketball player. I am just bracing myself for a whole new set of teenage torment coming my way.

Today I decided to make this beautiful Pork Tenderloin with a Grape Reduction. Here is the thing, I cannot cook pork to save my life. I literally always cook it till its too darn dry and no matter how much a salt it, I feel like it still never has flavor. Honestly I don’t like eating it.

I only like pork if its ribs or stewed. I have managed to solve my flavorless and dry pork with this grape reduction. It is savory and it packs quite the punch!

I did this recipe early on in my blogging life, before I started doing videos, so today I just did the video of it but the recipe is the same.

And as usual I am closing out with please follow me on Youtube and subscribe for more creative recipes like this one.

Click here for Pork Tenderloin with Grape Reduction recipe.


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