After that amazing Asado Paraguay I did last week, I needed a change. While that Asado was meat-ah-licious…my tummy badly needed a change from all that meat.

I wanted something light, quick, fresh and I needed to have the ingredients in my fridge! This broccoli salad was on point! I know not everyone like broccoli, including myself. I won’t eat it in chinese food, even though every time I go to the Skyway chinese restaurant at work, that old lady sees me coming and I swear she gets broccoli excited when she is dishing out my food!

I have to tell her every time no broccoli! I know thats how those restaurants fill up their dishes too, less meat more veggies cause its cheaper. But when you order veggie fried rice, you barely get any veggies!

This salad can actually be eaten on its own or with a protein. The sour cream dressing is amazing! I am pretty sure most of you will already have all these ingredients in your fridge too. You can literally use any veggies you like.

Be sure to blanch the broccoli for about 3 minutes in hot water before using it in your salad. You are going for a crunchy, bright green texture.

I made a super quick video of how I made my salad. If you want to see more like this, or you know just want to support me, just head on over to my Youtube Channel and hit that subscribe and the like button.

In the meantime, here is the Broccoli Salad recipe.


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