Anyone here watches Naked and Afraid? I have been watching this Discovery show since it  first started. I mainly like to see what the naked people catch and cook to eat. A lot of times they just go hungry. What a fantastic way to lose weight right?

While watching it I always think to myself, I am not sure I would make it past the first day! I mean in my normal day to day life, if I don’t get my breakfast by 915 am, you do not want to be around this gal. Then when I don’t get  my tea, boy I get snarly! I simply won’t survive.

What’s even worse is I get cold in 80 degree weather with my clothes on! Can you imagine without my clothes? OYE

So last Sunday here in good old MN it was 84 degrees…beautiful! Today…54 degrees and cold. I think at some point along the way I have come to accept our rigid weather  changes or rather embrace it.

So while it  was chilly outside yet deceivingly sunny, I decided to take a stab at this leg of lamb that has been sitting in my freezer for a few weeks. I did not  want to go outside to grill and I did not want to heat up the whole house by lighting the oven for hours. So my next  option was to throw it in the crockpot.

Now how shall I marinate this 2 pound leg of lamb so that I can use it in multiple ways. I decided to make a homemade jerk seasoning rub that  is low maintenance and i can use it on other meats if their are left overs.

I grilled my herbs on the broiler, but you can lightly char them on the stove top on your open flame as well. Then the easy part is you throw everything in your magic bullet or food processor and walla!

I literally placed my seasoned leg in the crockpot on low before i went to bed and turned it  off when I got up the next day!

Very easy and low maintenance. Give it a go and if you have left over jerk it goes great on chicken wings!

Click here for Jerk spiced leg of lamb recipe.


One thought on “Jerk Spice Rubbed Leg of Lamb

  1. Urban @

    I’d imagine by now that you’d be used to MN weather. For me I’m quite weather adaptable, so weather don’t bother me, it just is whatever it is. Though in Pittsburgh that quite often mean gloomy overcasted weather here that changes often if you wait around long enough.

    I used to watch that Discovery Network show. I often watched it when im traveling for work, which is quite often and in hotel as I don’t have cable at home. I kinda like those kinda shows, cerebral documentaries to me. I like stuff that makes me think. But I like them from the element of survival in unpredictable environment. There is always something to learn. But yes, the food part is often quite interesting in what they do to survive and find that fascinating, though it’s often quite depressing that these people they just go hungry for majority of time. This massive weight loss, in an unhealthy way.

    I’ve been doing one meal a day (OMAD) as intermittent fasting on and off last few weeks easing into it initially. Kinda gave up Instagram as well for the time being a few weeks now too, so I’m less looking at a feed of tempting food. That just don’t really help when kinda fasting. Initially I thought it was difficult but I haven’t found it to be so. I found my body easily got used to it as I’m never really hungry, you just kinda miss chewing on something as weird as it sounds. But it takes a lot of self decipline and willpower to eat one meal a ya at roughly same time daily and avoid snacking and all that during the rest of day with nothing but water. At best nothing to spike blood sugar and insulin.

    That means Starbucks as well. As a result also cooking a bit less also. I got to the gym, not as regularly as I’d like. But I found I just enjoy walking a bit more through trails in the park and sometime running there as well. Overal I’m down close to 10 lbs. It floats back and forth with consistently staying close to one moderate meal a day, so I only eat dinner. That keeps my routine in being able to still cook something to eat and play around in da kitchen. I’d go a bit nuts totally shutting down my kitchen if I did. But in between the time you eat, in that window of time, your body is intermittently fasting. The tough part is just exercising discipline of willpower and staying the course of being consistent. Food just temp you everywhere you turn. Just working on being a better me in the entire process.

    The Pira Caldo was great. Think I got leftovers for like two more days. Will have to try this jerk sometime, may just be a while. It does look simple. But I was wondering how you make that little pastry/break pocket in the last photo to hold the jerk meat.


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