Easter maybe over, but these Hot Cross Buns are so good that you can literally make them anytime of the year!

Guys it is still winter in MN. Technically we are supposed to be Spring right now. But someone seriously forgot to tell Mother Nature that. We are expecting more snow…yes I said SNOW this weekend. My skin is dying for some warm sunshine already. I can hardly wait to complain about our 90 degree summers! I feel like a broken record talking about how cold it is.

This was the first year in 14 years that I did not do an Easter egg hunt for my monster. She is just too old and tall to do those anymore. I was so happy that she was not disappointed either as it totally snowed the day before and I was dreading going outside in the cold to hide 200 eggs!

While I dread the moody teenage years I am happy with some parts of it. Like this and her making her own breakfasts.

Even though I did not celebrate Easter like I normally do, I still wanted to cook up a feast. I wanted to make buns, but I did not want to put eggs in it. And I wanted that coconut flavor. This recipe came out way better than I expected. I basically used my dinner roll recipe with minor tweaks. I could not have been more impressed myself.

If you don’t want sweet in your buns, simply eliminate the glaze. I made some with the glaze and some without.

I actually made a video of this recipe. If you do like it and want to see more, hop on over to my Youtube Channel and hit the subscribe button and give it a thumbs up!

Click here for Coconut Chocolate Hot Cross Buns recipe.

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