Growing up I did not eat beef or pork, in fact I did not start eating beef or pork until I was well into my 20’s! It was against our religion, and it still is! My parents and my younger brother still do not eat either.

What I ate back then I hated with a vengeance! My grandparents grew their own rice in a lagoon, and harvested it once a year.  It was kept in the huge wooden box beneath our house. I mean a huge 20 by 20 box! This rice is what we now call the real brown rice. It was organic brown rice, and I remember riding on the bull cart with my grandparents and and my brother and sister and going to the rice Lagoon to help harvest the rice.

Honestly I doubt we helped very much, if it rained the Lagoon would flood and fill up with water up to our knees. And so we would dive around in that dirty, brown water throwing a ball around or looking for tortoise’s. Fun times!

Anyway this brown rice we had year round! I hated it because we literally ate rice 7 days a week! When we did not eat that we ate roti. We ate roti with every different type of side dish that could go with it without meat. My grand mother would cook the green papaya to eat with roti and believe it or not it came out like pumpkin! Another favorite back then that she use to make was green bananas. I hated that back then, but I crave that today! Mainly because we cannot find the green, young bananas to make that dish.

Today, I love a good steak! I still don’t like pork chops or any type of pork unless it is stewed. And I don’t eat beef unless it is steak or maybe a sloppy Joe. I don’t like burgers.

My whole point to this story, what you did not like back then you may like today. Our tastebuds change as we get older. Also our cooking styles! I love anything that is one pot. Less clean up and it is quick. This Steak and Potato dish is an epic one pot dish! I cannot tell you how delicious it was. I surprised even myself!

I used a really good steak for my dish and paired it with a salad. Fantastic!

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Click here for Steak and Potato recipe.

One thought on “Another great One Pot Dish!

  1. Urban @

    A great set of stories. Yet, much sorry to hear about your food experience back then. I can understand it though. Growing up with some hardship allow one to understand certain perspective of things, it does make you a bit more resilient. But true, we grow up and our taste changes. I know mine have, and it keep evolving.


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