I can finally smell again! Just in time for March Madness. Thats all that is going to be on at the gym. As soon as you walk in the door the guys will start in on whose winning and whose bracket is being knocked out. And yes of course I am in on the betting. Though I do not watch the games, I love checking my bracket at night to see who is beating me.

As you have read I have collaborated with 196 flavors and this is my second recipe that I have done. They provide the recipe and I do the cooking, photographing and the eating! At least I don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen testing out a recipe. These are recipes that have been tried, tested and handed down through time.

They are as authentic as can be and it is true to that regions nationality. After doing the research on these recipes I feel like I was actually in Tunisia!

This Dwida Mfawra is from North Africa and its basically a steamed vermicelli or broken pasta. It is a thinner pasta that is steamed over the lamb stew as it cooks. Incredibly delicious and easy to make. The spices like the harissa and the tabel make this dish unique. You can find the tabel online at Amazon and harissa at any middle eastern grocery.

The recipe for this dish was provided by 196 flavors. Check them out for more unique Tunisian Dishes.

In the meantime click here for this Dwida Mfawra recipe and for an extended write up on the history of this dish. And if you like the video, head on over to my Youtube Channel for more recipes and subscribe!


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