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This past weekend I baby sat my little cousin who is 22 months old. I had him from Friday to Sunday evening. I loved every minute of it, besides the part where he likes to sleep on my side of the bed.

I love kids at that age. They are now learning to say their words and they ask what everything is a million times over and over again. My cousin loves to watch Elmo and let me tell you I have watched every episode of Elmo there is to watch with him. I call him my little Elmo.

This weekend I introduced him to other some cartoon movies because there is only so much Elmo and Elmo’s world I can handle. I ended up watching, The Croods, Baby Boss and The Lion King. This I don’t mind.

I had to make a video for this weeks post and with Elmo in the room…holy Hannah, his little hands and head are in most of my pictures. Because he wanted to touch everything and eat everything. In one of my pictures you can see his little hands stealing my cilantro and yes he did eat it.

This week I made this crispy, deep fried bread filled with a tomato salted cod. Delicious! I mean who does not like deep fried bread. Salted Cod is Cod fish that has been preserved by salting it. Before you consume this fish, you must remove the salt by either soaking the fish over night or boiling it for 20-30 minutes.

It sometimes has tiny bones in it that you also have to remove. No one wants to get a tiny bone stuck in their throat. After you stuff the dough with the filling, try to flatten it out a bit without tearing the dough. This will help it to cook evenly. Also do not over heat your oil otherwise the outside will cook but inside will be raw.

Elmo had a blast getting flour all over himself and rolling out his own dough that I gave to him. Give it a go and let me know how it goes. Get the kiddos in the kitchen with you, its fun for them and more work for you.

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