While everyone is celebrating Valentines Day, I am over here missing Ash Wednesday in Trinidad. This is usually the day after Carnival Monday and Tuesday and everyone back home heads to the beach or to the river to make ‘a cook’.

A ‘cook’ in Trini term means you are going to cook your meal, usually some kind of curry or broth (soup) at the beach. And its normally cooked over a thrown together fireside. With wood and bricks/huge rocks.

Nothing beats the taste of a good spicy curry cooked over a wood fireside! Damn I can taste it now. Oh how I miss Carnival in Trinidad. I miss the food and the music and the atmosphere. Seeing all the bands, hearing the loud music from the big trucks.

Anyway in case you are wondering its 40 degrees here today in MN and that to us is summer right there! No beach, but I did make the best darn Curry Goat ever! I have made 2 other Curry Goat recipes on here already, but each one is different.

The green seasoning remains the same, as any true Trini will use green seasoning in every meat they cook. In this recipe I added Anchor Masala and roasted geera powder which is local to Trinidad cooking. It gives the meat a smokey flavor.

Not everyone will eat spicy food, in my green seasoning I added peppers and this is why I used Thai chili peppers. As I do have a monster that loves her curry, and she can handle her heat, just at a certain level. It was so hard to edit this video as it only made me hungry.

I will make another Curry Goat recipe, but next time I will cook it in my Tagine, stay tuned for that.

I hope you have been loving the videos and I am trying to make sure I tape each recipe I make so you at least have an idea of how to make my dishes.

If there is ever any special recipe you would like to see on the blog drop me a note. I love a good challenge!

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Thanks for stopping by…toodles!

Click here for Trini Curry Goat recipe.

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