There is this Ethnic restaurant/grocery down the street from me and I usually pick up these pre-made kebabs, that comes frozen and I just pop it in my oven and in 12 minutes I have delicious kebabs.

The story of my life, whenever I find something that I like, it always goes away, and just like that poof…they no longer stocked those kebabs that I so loved. They did a different brand instead which I tried, but it was not good at all.

This sad story lead me to the lab, my kitchen. I tried this recipe a few times with different types of meat and spices, honestly, organic, grass fed ground beef made this taste even better. You can mix a 50:50 ratio of lamb and beef, but I chose to just do straight beef.

I made fresh pita bread to wrap around these delicious kebabs, stuffed with cucumbers and lettuce. A fantastic, week night dish that can be made in a jiffy!

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Click here for Beef Kebabs recipe.


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