Now that we have Super bowl 500 behind us and the Eagles flew above the patriots we can get back to normal around here.

I am pleased to say the day before the Super bowl we had a nice 3 inches of fluffy white snow and the day of super bowl, we were in the minus temps. So our visitors had a great taste of our Minnesota Winter.

Today I am sharing one of the most popular dishes on my blog. it has gotten over 40,000 pins on Pinterest and over 200 shares of facebook. I had no idea this recipe would be that popular. In light of that I wanted to make a video showing how to make it.

At one point in the video my camera was tilted a little, as I had my little Elmo (he loves Elmo) in the room with me and he is fascinated by my camera and wanted to touch it. I just did not notice that he moved it.

Anyway you can still see the whole thing. It is an incredible easy to make dish. The paste itself is the only part that requires a few ingredients. Fresh Halibut is the key to this dish.

I hope you enjoy this video and the recipe.

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Click here for the Halibut with Thai Red Sauce recipe.

One thought on “Halibut with Thai Red Sauce – Video

  1. Urban @

    I like it. It also reminds me in some way of a dish I made some time ago which didn’t have a Thai Red Sauce but it was Roasted Chicken on Mashed Potatoes in Coconut Cream Sauce. I could remake it at some point with a Thai Red Sauce. But anyway I’m inspired by your dish here with the Fish and do like it as well.

    What I enjoy is not necessarily the recipe which I tend to focus on less these days as I’ve gotten much better in skills. What I enjoy more is the Technique in making something as in the way you made the Thai Red Sauce. And I do like it, because I understand the technique in making the Sauce which is awesome. I like you added some French technique in adding the wine to the sauce also (been watching way too many real chefs and French style chefs cook stuff).

    Real Lemon Grass is quite easy for me to get these days from an Asian store I’ve found locally. So I’ll try to recreate this one soon at some point.

    As a thought maybe I believe you can add some finesse to the sauce by straining the sauce after making it for a smoother sauce and before thickening it.

    Very nice and modern dish though. It ever reminds me of the kind of dishes I always aspire to make in creativity that’s modern and creative in look and style and in technique, easy to create, but not 5 minute meals either.


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