Can you believe its already 2018! I rang in my New year with a bang! Like major partying. I made dinner (one of which was those rolls) and played some Yahtzee and totally kicked someone’s butt and he got so jealous because he thought he was the king of Yahtzee, especially since it was my first time playing ever!

Then I patiently waited for 2018 and promptly went to bed! I told yah…I celebrated in full force. It was way too cold to go out anywhere. We had been in the minus range for a few days and still is, so I definitely was not leaving my warm house.

Everyone will be at the gym for the next 2-3 weeks, trying to lose weight, while I am here showing you a fully loaded carb recipe. I am not making any resolutions because honestly I never stick with it. I started a 4 day juice fast and I am on my 3rd day right now.

I don’t want to divulge too much as I plan on sharing my plan and what I did during those four days, but I do want to say…I have literally started to fantasize about food. Not gonna lie.  Juicing is tough as heck. I don’t believe anyone who says you get adjusted and a burst of energy on the 3rd or 4th day. All lies, according to my tummy that has been rumbling like thunder the last 3 days.

That makes it all the more hard to be sharing this gorgeous looking Dinner Roll recipe with you today. I just want to dive into my computer and take a big bite. I feel like I could still smell it baking in my oven, slathering on soft butter and eating it with melted cheese and homemade ham!

OMG…my tummy is rumbling like thunder I said!

I made this Dinner Roll recipe 4 times over the holidays, just trying to perfect this recipe. If you follow the video and the recipe you should not have any problems. What I noticed is that one time I added literally 1 tablespoon of flour more and that caused the rolls to be a little more heavy. I prefer mine to be light and fluffy.

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Chat with you after I make it though this 4-day juice fast.

Click here for this Dinner Roll recipe.




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