My sister and her hubby recently visited on of their good friends on their farm and she brought back the sweetest squashes and a huge Zucchini. Of course I inherited the zucchini since I love making breads with them.

They also have the cutest little goats that they use to clear the land with, but all I can think of is how delicious they would be curried! I know that is so bad of me…But I can’t help it! Organic Curry goat with soft fluffy roti! Hmmm hmmm good. Hopefully Tania does not see what I am thinking about her babies!

It is amazing what she does on that farm though. She even raises her own bees! And I have eaten those fresh as can bee (pun intended) honey!

My sister cooked up the squashes and it was super sweet and delicious, but I made these yummy Zucchini Loaves, that I flavored with fresh oranges.

So worth the wait. not only did the house smell fantastic, it goes great with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

What a great dessert to make for your ThanksGiving Dinner!

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And do return for my next recipe of Chocolate Chip Zucchini Loaves!

But in the mean time do enjoy this Orange Zucchini Loaf recipe!

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