Hola mi amores!

I am back. I have been gone for over a month! Holy Hannah!

Why have I not posted anything in over a month you ask? Its a combination of things really, one being that I had no zeal to blog, two being that I was not in the best of health, three being that I was away on vacation in Cabo with Sugar Kubes.

What did I learn in Cabo? There is only so much Mexican food I can eat, the sunrise and the Moon above the ocean is simply amazing and I can only handle the Sun baring down on my skin for max 5 days!

So thats my story and I am sticking with it.

Before I left however, I had visited on of my bootcamp friends and had some drinks, so I made these cute, mini sandwiches to take over there for us to snack on.

These are what you call semi homemade, as I bought pre cooked pulled pork and t=deli ham slices. The only cooking required was the baking of the made sandwiches, just to get the cheese to melt really.

These are fantastic for a party or even super bowl party at home! Give it a go!




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