It is so cold in Minneapolis! You would think it is fall already. I just need at least 1 more month of Summer. Just like I want a job where I am no longer on call, I want to live where there is no winter. I am okay with Spring, Summer and Fall! Although in my next post you will certainly hear my rant about raking all those darn leaves in my yard!

Now rain…I would love if it would rain all night long! This is the perfect fall recipe!

Tumeric is what we Trini’s call saffron back home. However saffron actually comes from a flower whereas Tumeric is a root. Growing up we actually grew our own turmeric. It looks like ginger root, but its thinner and smaller and its orange looking in color.

I used Tumeric to change the color of this rice dish. If you are vegetarian or looking for a vegetarian rice option, remove the chicken from this recipe. This is a fantastic One Pot Dinner idea or a lunch idea. All in one, less cleanup and its easy!

Click here for Mushroom and Tumeric Rice recipe and video.

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