I recently attended a wedding with my Sugar and we started wondering how much does it really cost to have a wedding. Okay so maybe it was just me really wondering that. This wedding had 250 guests, it was at a golf club and it had a few groomsmen and bridesmaids…that adds up.

Do I really want to spend all that money on 1 day? I am not saying its not fantastic to have a beautiful wedding where you can enjoy that day with family and friends, but darn its expensive!

How will I afford the honeymoon after paying for 250 guests! Never mind the DJ, the dress, the drinks, the makeup etc…

I think I would prefer saving my money and going on a trip of a lifetime! Bora Bora here I come!

Speaking of cheap and no hassle, how about this breakfast Frittata! As the recipe says, its a dump Frittata, which means you literally dump everything in one, pop it into the oven and in 30 minutes or less you have a full breakfast ready! No hassle, only 1 pan and you can use anything in your fridge!

Click here for Dump Frittata recipe.

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