Today we are cooking up a batch of my all time favorite food! Yup its hot sauce, but not just any hot sauce, this is a Trinidad Hot Pepper Sauce. This is a sauce that will not only spice things up, but put flavor on your plate.

There are hot and there is hot flavor. Hot is just burn your taste buds off. Hot flavor means the heat enhances the flavor of the food. Then there are people who can’t eat black pepper or ketchup! If thats you, then stay away from this sauce.

I grew all the peppers in my garden that went into this sauce. I had seven trees that I grew from seeds and they are still producing! I got 10 small jars of pepper sauce. That is a good crop if you ask me.

I am that woman that never leaves home without her hot sauce in her purse! I am not kidding you. I cannot eat my food without a little heat. I grew up eating that every day of my life so its only natural that I will love it as an adult.

There is no Trini home that is without hot peppers or hot sauce. There are hot sauce vendors that makes this at home and sells then on the sides of the road or in the market. This is how I make mine. I use vinegar because it lasts me a year or more. If I am only making a small batch for a month, I use lime juice instead of vinegar. It has a completely different flavor.

Make sure you wear gloves when making this, or you will regret it.

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Click here for Trinidad Hot Pepper Sauce recipe and video.



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