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There are some days when I simply do not have the energy to cook! Especially in the summer as it heats up the entire house! And yes I know that is why most normal people grill in the Summer!, But seriously, sometimes I need my rice fix.

This is why I can’t shake this tummy! Its because I have a serious obsession with all this carbohydrates!

I usually meal prep all my lunches and my breakfast during the week. Well this week I said to myself I am laying on the couch and not meal prepping. Instead I bought a weeks worth of Healthy Choices. Sadly those lunches have no taste! And I am hungry again an hour later.

You can’t win with those. Just like the lottery that I can’t win and hire my own private chef to make healthy food for me everyday!

Everyone is probably playing the lottery today too! Okay enough about money that I won’t win. I know a lot of you out there has had some form of this Beans and Rice dish. I have done other dishes like these before, however this time I added chicken to make it a one pot dish. I did not sear my chicken first cause I was trying to finish cooking quickly.

I would recommend you sear the chicken first to get some color on it. the color of the dish itself is not the most attractive, as the coconut milk lightens the bright color of the red beans.

Nevertheless this dish is really yummy and the smell of the fresh herbs cooking with the pork is unbelievable!

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Click here for Jamaican Beans and Rice recipe and Video.


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