I hate waiting on people. I hate when I tell someone a time to be at a certain place, to when to meet me and they don’t leave their house until 5 minutes before the meeting time! Its rude to keep someone waiting, especially if you don’t have a good excuse.

Like telling me that traffic was bad! That is not a good excuse, if you know that time of the day will have more traffic then leave a little earlier. I do not like to wait.

I am bringing you an awesome chicken wing recipe. Cause lets face it, who does not love a good chicken wing?

If you are grilling these, you must watch it, as it will go up in flames because of the sweetness in it. You can also bake these in the oven. I used a sweet chili sauce that I found in my local grocery in the ethnic isle. Add some Meyer lemon juice to help even out the sweetness, threw in some cayenne for spiciness and walla! You have the perfect sweet, lemony, garlic wings!

You are going to need extra napkins for this one.

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Click here for Sweet lemony Chicken Wings recipe.

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