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I have been testing and tweaking this BBQ Chicken recipe for a while now. My goal was to make it as easy and simple as possible with ingredients that I had in my fridge. I did not want it to get too out of control. I also wanted to make it in my oven, since I live in the coldest state and it helps in the winter months.

I first made it on my grill. While it tastes fantastic and it was super juicy, I had to constantly watch it in case the skin on my chicken went up in flames! Which is why the second go around, I decided to try it in the oven. It came out great! It did not lack for color either as you can see from the pictures.

Some ideas to eat this with, how about a simple mashed potatoes and salad! Date night dinner baby. Or better yet when you watching Game of Thrones sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see who is going to be killed off this week.

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Click here for Oven BBQ Chicken recipe and video.


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