Last weekend I took a trip out of town with the family to the North Shore. It was cold! I don’t know how people live there year round if in the Summer its cold, imagine what their winter is like. Granted it was in the 60’s and Sunny, but still that is just too cold for summer.

How on earth do you get a natural tan? It is a beautiful little town though. We got to hit about 5 breweries. There are about 11 in that small town, but after 5 stops, it starts to get a little wobbly and blurry if you know what I mean.

Anything is better than being at work though, so it was totally worth it. But after eating fast food for three days, all I wanted when I got home was something light and not salty! I threw together this quick and light dinner.

If you do not like the taste of fish because it is fishy, well I have just the fish for you! This Barramundi Fish Stew is not fishy at all! Barramundi is a sweet, flaky, white fish. It is perfect in the white bean and tomato stew.

Serve this with a piece of bread and a salad and you have a fantastic dinner!

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Click here for Barramundi Fish Stew recipe and Video.

See you next time!


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