I am not complaining, but it has been blistering hot and humid here in MN. The wind will not blow! And with my dark coloring, I end up just looking burnt and charred! For some reason the sun is attracted to my forehead. Not attractive at all.

I sent the monster and her friend that was having a sleepover, outside to water the plants as they looked very thirsty, the plants, not the monster, I looked out the window, and sure enough, those two had water everywhere, but the plants! An hour later I see two drowned looking rats squish their way into the house…I had to go water the plants myself!

This pulled pork recipe came about with my need to meal prep for the week with as little time as possible. And again for me to use it in different ways so I don’t get bored.

I don’t like pulled pork only because it is always too sweet. So my pulled pork is not your conventional pulled pork recipe. I actually browned my sugar to give the pork that dark, brown, smokey flavor. And then I added a very little ketchup for sweetness.

It turned out fantastic on the first try! Sorry I don’t have a video of it. I did do one, but while I was caramelizing the sugar (the most important part) my camera shut off, without me knowing it.

So I will have to redo that step and then post the video. In the meantime you should definitely give this Pulled pork a try!

Click here for Pulled Pork recipe. You can always find more recipes and videos on my Youtube Channel!

See you next time!




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