Had to run a million stairs and a huge mountain! Well really it was only a few stairs at the Target Field and it was one small hill at Gold Medal Park…but my legs seriously felt like it was on fire! Never mind it burning and my heavy breathing on the day of, its the next day that my calves felt like it was being squeezed in a not so nice way.

OYE the things I do just to fit into some dresses. I have a love-hate relationship with my trainer. I love that I get results and that he pushes me to my limits and beyond, but at the same time I say to myself…”I pay this dude to torture my body”. However the next day when I wake up and I have that sore feeling…its actually a really good feeling. I know it is working then or at least something is working.

If you want to see what one of our outdoor workouts look like check out my friend and fellow blogger Kaitlyn’s YouTube Channel.

I have fallen off the wagon in the last two weeks and have been eating everything that I am craving. I shall be back at my normal healthy eating next week. Which means I must clean my fridge out, hence the creation of this One Pot Chicken & Rice dish!

This is a great dish to use up whatever vegetables you have hanging around in the fridge. if you have any canned beans, toss that in too with it. You can make this vegetarian, by omitting the chicken.

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Click here for One Pot Chicken and Rice recipe and video.

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