As Memorial weekend approaches we are busy trying to get our Grilling menu together for the holiday weekend and hope that it does not rain, like it has been here in MN for the last few days.

Now who does not love a good rice dish? A rice dish is so important for dinners or hosting an event. Have you even been to an authentic Mexican restaurant and had their Mexican Rice? The flavor is so simple and delicious with very little work to it.

Its important to get the texture of the rice correct. For this Mexican Rice, it is important to fry the rice for a good 5 minutes. The rice would crisp and have a seared like texture to it. Cooking it in coconut oil gives it an out of this world flavor and the smell if heavenly.

This Mexican rice is the last in my series of Mexican Dishes for a while. if you did not see my previous posts, you should check out my Mexican Inspired Grilled Chicken and my Mexican Street Corn Salad.

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Click here for Mexican Rice recipe.




One thought on “Mexican Rice

  1. Urban @

    Between all three dishes you’ve done in a series you have a really nice Mexican Dinner Table.

    It’s always amazingly at what one can find enjoyable in a simple way such as your around the plate plating presentation. It’s fresh with raw ingredients and often realizing how colorful on the eyes it is when in good lighting to make the colors pop. It’s something to appreciate and in my case ponder when looking at various people plating styles.

    You should take a few minutes and finish configuring your channel with the YouTube “Homepage” overlay. It would really make allot of difference to anyone visiting your channel homepage as well adding the other pages for people to connect with you via Social links and Discussion page. All the videos so far are really great so far.


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