Who hopped his furry little self into Mr. Pouty Pants life in the most unexpected way. He was wild and lived his life as a free budgie rabbit, for that is what he was! He ate freely of all the plants around the house, even Mr. Pouty Pants most treasured potted plants! He entertained Mr. Pouty Pants as he sat in his office brooding over his next move in the work force.

Alas, but sadly George came to a sudden end in the most unusual way that we will never learn of. Rest in peace George, you wild rascally rabbit.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, lets continue on this Mexican theme that I started last week. Now that Summer is finally making its way to the Midwest, we can fire up our grills and start roasting away our sweet corns. But lets face it, even sweet corn needs a little dressing up.

Today I present to you the most, delicious Mexican Street Corn Salad. It is one of the quickest salads that you can throw together. It is perfect for a BBQ or dinner at home.

Some people use mayo in this, I don’t, as I like to keep it as Mexican as possible. Of course if you cannot get your hands on Mexican Creme then use mayo. You can also substitute the cayenne pepper with paprika if you don’t like the heat.

Try this recipe together with the Mexican inspired Grilled Chicken.

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Click here for Mexican Street Corn Salad and Video.




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