I did not celebrate Cinco de Mayo on may 5th! Nope…I did not follow the rest of the crowd and celebrated like a normal person, because I am just not normal! I am my own darn Diva and I do things my way.

Instead I whipped up a Mexican Inspired meal on Siete de Mayo! You must try this Mexican inspired Grilled chicken, it turned out fantastic. I totally wanted to share this recipe with my favorite Pouty Pants but alas, the pouting was strong that day!

There is a huge population of Mexicans in MN so the celebrations for this in conjunction with May Day is, as you can imagine huge! Since I missed out on sharing this recipe with you for Cinco de Mayo, you can totally make this for Mom on Sunday.

Instead of fighting the crowds at the restaurants, how about gathering the family and throwing a BBQ instead! I know here in MN we are going to have a fantastic weather weekend! We cannot wait since we only have 2 days of Summer a year. While I will not be one of those that has to work on my tan, I will certainly be enjoying as much of the warmth as I can. I am not someone who can sit in the sun, I will simply get more charred than I already am. I just want to maintain my winter skin for as long as I can.

When you make the marinade for this recipe be sure to put some aside to mix with mayo or Mexican creme to be used as a dipping sauce for the chicken.

Next week I will post a recipe for Mexican street Corn and Mexican Rice so you can throw a Mexican Fiesta!

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Click here for Mexican Inspired Grilled Chicken recipe. For Full Video click Here.





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