Salmon drenched in a Lemon Butter Sauce! Thats whats on the menu this week. Well it was on the menu I should say, since I have eaten it twice already. I am not a salmon person. I simply do not like the taste or the smell of salmon fish. I do however love fish, just not salmon.

Then why the heck am I making it for my blog? Well while I don’t like it, I do have a teenager in my house that loves it! You can cook it any way and she will eat it with plain white rice. That’s like her favorite meal. Whole Foods had these beautiful fillets on sale and I figured it would work for meal prep for the week, to make it quick and easy.

The sauce is everything in this dish. I mean who does not love, honey and butter together?The dish comes together really fast too. So if you want to impress your guests or date this is perfect for any occasion. I paired this dish with a pre-cut stir fry vegetable mix that I also picked up from Whole Foods. They are perfect for quick meals.

And guess whats even better about this recipe? It comes with a video! Yup look at me on a roll with my YouTube videos! If you would like to see a recipe in a video send me a comment. I would love if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel as well so I can feel excited about it!

Click here for Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce recipe and video.





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