Every now and again I get this feeling of nostalgia and miss my home food, but more importantly my mom’s Curry Chicken. Now that I think of it, in 2 more years I would have lived half my life here in Minnesota. I can hardly believe how fast time has flown by! Even though I have been here this Iong, I still miss my Trini food. I doubt very much that will ever go away.

One of my most favorite food is Curry Chicken, no surprise there. I have posted my Curry Chicken recipe before, whats different this time is I am now going to show you how I make it with a video! Ha is that not awesome or what! Its like I will be in the kitchen with you while you are making it!

Curry Chicken to me is like a Cheese Burger to some of you! In this recipe it is important that you allow your curry to fry in the oil for a bit. Another tip is to make sure you cook off the first water that the chicken releases. Your gravy should be the water or the broth you add to it. This way you won’t get a gamey taste in your meat. Cause really who likes a chicken-ey tasting chicken?

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Click here for Curry Chicken recipe and Video.




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