Hi All!

How was your Easter? Did yah go to Church? Did yah go to the Easter Bunny Hunt with the kids?

Now that my monster is a teenager, you know what I am so over the whole Easter Bunny Hunt. This year I boiled 6 eggs, did not even color it or anything, I wrote dollar amounts on each egg and hid them inside the house as it was raining when I did it.

When it was time for the hunt I sent her and her cousin out in the back yard and told them to  start looking! After about 20 minutes they came back and asked If I am sure there are eggs out there. I was like Oh yes I actually hid them inside! Ha! Kept them busy for a minute there.

After the hunt they each got a basket filled with hair products, deodorant, nail polish and only 1 box of chocolate. Just everyday stuff that I know they will use. Most of the time I end up eating all those darn jellybeans! This was much better. And I got to eat my boiled eggs for breakfast the next day! There are some upsides to her actually becoming a teenager I guess.

So I made another video…this time I took an old recipe I had and did a video around it. I am getting better and more fast with the video making thing.

You will have to go to my YouTube channel to look at it as I quite have not figured out how to upload it to my page directly. Stay Tuned for that.

Click here for Fish Soup/Broth recipe and Video.



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