Hi All!

How was your Easter? Did yah go to Church? Did yah go to the Easter Bunny Hunt with the kids?

Now that my monster is a teenager, you know what I am so over the whole Easter Bunny Hunt. This year I boiled 6 eggs, did not even color it or anything, I wrote dollar amounts on each egg and hid them inside the house as it was raining when I did it.

When it was time for the hunt I sent her and her cousin out in the back yard and told them to  start looking! After about 20 minutes they came back and asked If I am sure there are eggs out there. I was like Oh yes I actually hid them inside! Ha! Kept them busy for a minute there.

After the hunt they each got a basket filled with hair products, deodorant, nail polish and only 1 box of chocolate. Just everyday stuff that I know they will use. Most of the time I end up eating all those darn jellybeans! This was much better. And I got to eat my boiled eggs for breakfast the next day! There are some upsides to her actually becoming a teenager I guess.

So I made another video…this time I took an old recipe I had and did a video around it. I am getting better and more fast with the video making thing.

You will have to go to my YouTube channel to look at it as I quite have not figured out how to upload it to my page directly. Stay Tuned for that.

Click here for Fish Soup/Broth recipe and Video.



2 thoughts on “New Video!

  1. Urban @urbanskitchen.com

    Oh, once you embed the video code to your blog in a post, you should be able to flip the editing tab and see the actual video on the regular tab that’s not the one with the raw HTML coding. Similar to when your adding photo media you can see all the raw code but flip the edit page tab to the other and see the actual photo. Similar to that basically as I don’t remember what the actual tab is called, I just know what it does. Hope it all helps!


  2. Urban @urbanskitchen.com

    I’ve been enjoying the videos, all three so far. Yes, I can tell they have improved as well the addition of audio. Like the tunes. I watch a lot of food videos on YouTube, so I do enjoy the style. You let the video speaks for itself and not lengthy either. Proud to be your first two subscribers all two versions of myself 🙂

    I spent my Easter tinkering with the blog, adding pages and figuring out how to link some pages I was working on. Amazingly, that took up the entire weekend.

    If your using WordPress as the backbone of your blog so to speak, adding a video is easy. From your video on the Tube get the “Embed” copy link on the video view page and paste it onto your post page. I think it does offer a sizing option for the embed code which can fit post properly in width. But it’s easy to figure out which size works best for embedding on blog post in checking “preview post”. But that’s as easy as it is. Hope that helps. If you want to “share” the video elsewhere then that’s as easy as hitting “share” on the video and copying the copy link. Then share the copied link to say Twitter or wherever else etc.


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