Today we are talking Chicken of the Sea! Tuna baby. I know most of us are like super conditions about eating canned food versus natural food. People today are more focused on  non processed food. I mean lets face it, most canned and pre cooked foods are processed with additional additives.

But yah know what…sometimes when you are in a rush who the heck has time to buy fresh tuna, cook it and shred it to your needs. Definitely not me! I barely have time for Mr. Pouty Pants and I can never hear enough about it.

So when in a rush just crab a can of Chicken of the Sea which is my favorite brand of Tuna. I love the tuna in water versus the one in oil.

Chicken of the Sea Tuna is perfect for the Tuna-Ton recipe that I threw together on the fly for a quick appetizer. I opened up two of the easy to open cans of Tuna, drained all the water from it, cooked it up in some tomatoes, peppers and onions.

I took the cooked Tuna filling and placed it in some wonton skins and deep fried those little morsels and served it with a Sweet and Spicy tamarind sauce.


Click here for Tuna-Tons recipe.

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