I am on call for my normal day job that pays the bills, this week and weekend. Its one of the only thing that I truly dislike about my job. Actually I take that back, what I dislike about being on call is that I somehow only get paged in the wee hours of the morning. The guys who were on call before my week, did not even get 1 page in the entire two weeks, but I go on call and the first day I get the weird calls. I mean really!

To help with my sadness of being on call, I eat Spaghetti! Because quite frankly Pasta heals all aches and gives you energy and it adds on the pounds directly to the tummy area, so eat at your discretion.

That being said, I cannot for the life of me recall eating Spaghetti while I was growing up! I know crazy right. We had noodles call macaroni, but its not your typical macaroni. Our Macaroni was long like a spaghetti, but more wide like the normal elbow macaroni. We used this to make something called Macaroni Pie, with lots of cheese.

Today, I made Chicken Spaghetti, because I did not want to go through the trouble of making meatballs. It came out great and my monster and her vegetarian friend gobbled it up. Spaghetti is on of the many only things they will eat without fussing about it. I usually just have to remove the sauce before I add the chicken to it for the vegetarian of course.

But you must give this a try for Dinner. It is easy, delicious, has meat and the kids will love it!

Click here for Chicken Spaghetti recipe.







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