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It’s me Tastesspicy, now that I have written that it sounds like I just said, Hi its me and I Taste Spicy! Hopefully this new post will reach my hundreds of subscribers. As I just realized today that my subscribers were not receiving any of my new posts notifications. So here is to all of you that will be my new test subjects today!

I promise not to be too annoying by randomly posting all day long and filling up your inboxes. To update you on last weeks and earlier this weeks adventures, my six week challenge at my Fit Body Bootcamp finally ended on Saturday morning with my last weight in. YAY. I have not been quite that happy in a while! Eating healthy for six straight weeks is tough let me tell you. That is seriously a lifestyle change with leaving your most loved friends of Popeye’s, Wendy’s and Chinese behind. Huge Kudos to those people that can eat chicken boobs and broccoli all the time.

That being said…after the last six weeks of clean eating, the first unhealthy thing I ate was Chinese food of course…and my tummy was not a happy camper! You body really do get adjusted to the good stuff and it makes you pay for putting something unhealthy in it.

Today I also want to introduce you to one if the sweetest, most kindest woman I have had the pleasure to know. She just launched her own Lifestyle Bog and it is awesome! She is the owner along with her husband of Minneapolis Fitbody Bootcamp, where I spend most of my time jumping around and kicking stuff.

Her blog is about fitness, recipes, hair, skin and everything else! So head on over to Kaitlyn’s Blog and drop her a line or two! And while you are reading her blog how about giving this delicious Mango Salsa over a beautiful Fried Snapper a try for your next meal!

Click here for Mango Salsa with Fried Red Snapper recipe.


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