It has been snowing here in good old MN the last few days. Not anything heavy or dramatic that warrants schools to be closed or crazy people stocking up their pantry for fear of running out of food. However, it seems we all forget how to drive with a wee bit of snow on the ground though. OMG it was not even more than an inch or two each day and people drive like they are crazy, first off no one stays in their lane, secondly some of them like to speed and thirdly there is a lot of swearing going on behind my wheel that really does not help the traffic to move any faster.

For some reason after getting home from the gym this morning, I had this crazing for curry potatoes, which was a staple in my house when we were growing up. I think we ate potatoes ever day, and cooked it a zillion different ways. One of which was curry. Chicken was only eaten on Sundays, which is what we could afford at the time, so vegetarian was our main go to meals during the week.

And I also had a crazing for fried bakes. But I wanted to make it like a snack on the go cause who has time to sit and eat when I have to hit bootcamp like 3 times a day!

What a hit this was! I loved packing it for my snack at work!

Click here for Stuffed Fried Bakes to go recipe.


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