Have you gotten all your shopping done yet? If you are from MN did you and your car survive the -22 degree day this past weekend? While I did survive, my poor baby did not…she refused to start after spending the night outside.

But Luckily my knight in a shiny white armor did rescue her! In fact he tried to rescue my Furnace when it also went out a week ago. The joys of home ownership never ends. Its like you get one thing fixed and something else breaks. I seriously think my appliances and my utilities have a conference every day when I leave the house to decide which one of them is going to take a vacation by breaking! The thing is this time my truck also decided to take a vacation!

Who else is looking forward to watching the new movie Sing? I can’t wait. I already ask my little monster and she says to me “Nini there is no way I am going to that movie with you, because you won’t stop singing after” haha…little does she know I will still sing for her even if she does not go with me!

How about these awesome Asian Meatballs for your Christmas Dinner! Its easy and quick and you can make it ahead. You can make both the sauce and the meatballs the day before and then on the day of your even just place it in a crockpot to heat through on the day of. I did not add any salt to this recipe as the soy sauce has a lot of salt. So omit any salt.

Click here for Asian Meatballs recipe.


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