I am sure a lot of you have already gotten your Christmas shopping done and checked off your list! I am also sure that most of you like myself, still has to do that yet!

Honestly though, this is the first year I am way behind on the ball game. I am usually done with all my Christmas shopping by December 3rd every year. This year I don’t think I started until Dec. 3rd!

This is such a busy time of the year for us, in my family as our birthdays starting in October,  we have at least 2 birthday per month, until Jan! The running joke is if anyone else were to join the family they must not have a birthday in any of those months. Your access will be denied!

What I am excited about though is Christmas Dinner is traditional Trinidad food! No turkey or green beans or stuffing…Christmas is only ‘normal’ food! Easy compared to Thanksgiving.

Here are two new creations for you to add to your Christmas menu. The first Is a twist on the tradional Saltfish Fritters, instead its a Shrimp Fritter, that is deep fried and served with different chutneys and sauces. And the next is this divine Fig Glazed Chicken! You have to put this on your Christmas Table! It is so dah-licious!

And be sure to check out a new blogger on the seen over at Urbans Kitchen




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