Ah Friday, my good Pal and long time friend, How I love you! I am utterly excited you are finally here and this recipe today is to celebrate your long awaited arrival.

I have an abundance of eggplants growing in my garden this summer, together with a thousand tomatoes all ripening at the same time! I love eggplants. I usually plant a dozen or so trees in my garden because I can roast them all and freeze it for winter. During the winter months is very hard to get good eggplants here.

I also freeze my tomatoes as I used them in any chicken recipe that I make. Its a good way if you don’t know how to can to save your tomatoes.

The recipe today is inspired by the many eggplants I have growing in my garden. There is only so much bygan choka and curry bygan and potato I can eat! I wanted to keep it vegetarian and I want to make it into an appetizer so you can just pop it into your mouth.

I know I did not want any flour in it either. That left me with potatoes as my filler. This recipe can also be made ahead and fried on the day of your next party! It is so simple and easy.

The key to it however is to make sure you roast your eggplant over a direct flame as you want that charred skin on the outside. This gives the flesh on the inside a super Smokey flavor. Make sure you pierce your eggplant all over, if you don’t it will explode and cause a huge mess.

This recipe resembles the ever faithful Tater Tot as well. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Click here for Eggplant Fritters recipe.

eggplant fritters 032

eggplant fritters 020


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