I know most of you probably had a visit to the doctor where you literally had to diagnose yourself right? You know when you fill out the online appointment application, there is a section that asks what are you coming in for? So you have to say hey I have a swollen lip or a swollen tonsil or whatever…

Hello…that’s why I am coming to the doctor…so that he can tell me what’s wrong. Oh and I love the part where you have to show up on time, in fact they want you there a few minutes earlier…but god forbid if you show up 5 minutes after you appointment.

Another one that I love, you go in for stomach pains…the doctor feels your tummy with their hands and then they can automatically tell you oh nothing is wrong! Or they say, your ulcer is bad?

And therefore you need to do this and this and this…all these magical healing strategies just by feeling your tummy! Better yet…they tell you to come on back if you are not feeling well because we like to take your money!

Yes I had a few experiences most recently like this. Its like the cable people all over again! My favorite part was when the doctor told me to sit tight for 2 weeks! If I could diagnose myself I would not need to go to the doctor. OYE

Anyway since I have been having tummy issues…and the first thing people like to do is blame it on my spicy food…I have made this rendition of a very tame, very healthy meal. Its quick and easy clean eating. Its also a great way to use up the vegetables in your fridge or your gardens.

Click here for Grilled Shrimp with Panzanella Salad recipe.



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