Another holiday gone by…we are already counting down the days to winter. LOL Just think the next holiday is 4th of July and before you know it, we will be pulling out the winter jackets again!

But before we start with the winter cries…how was your memorial weekend? I spent mine on beautiful Lake Carlos. It did rain and we saw no sun for 2 days, but it was great nonetheless to just be away from home. On top of that I did not have to cook the entire weekend! Trust me that is a once in a life time occurrence! LMBO

If you are like me, when you return home from being away, you always want home cooked food. I crave normal food is I can even call it that. During the Summer time, my grill is used at least 6 days a week!

You have to give this Grilled Chicken Wings with Peppers a try. It is really easy and even I was surprised how delicious it actually turned out!

Click here for Grilled Chicken Wings with Peppers recipe.



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