Okay who watches Game of Thrones? I love, love that series, can you tell? I read all the books for it already and then I started watching the series. I must say the writers did a fantastic job up until book 5 which is where George R.R. Martin stopped at. I am patiently, patiently waiting for book six! I will be one of those crazy people standing in front of the book store at midnight waiting for it to hit the shelves!

The current season is not following the book, since it has yet to be released. So I have no spoilers to share with you 🙁

It is almost close to Summer here in good old MN. We get all excited for our short 3 months of Summer…mowing the lawn, planting, spending lots of dollars on wood chips…and then we get ready for winter again! Its like a never ending cycle!

Speaking of lawns…while I was away in New Orleans a super special knight in White armor…straight out of Winterfell…came over and mowed my lawn…such a sweet, sweet Sugar Kubes (pronounced cubes) thing to do right? In return I will have to teach that Sugar Kubes how to make a proper Fried Rice so its not mushy…:)

I made this Feta and Tomato Pasta Salad to take to a recent gathering of very nice people. Its super easy to make and it can be served either cold or warm. And what a great salad to take to a BBQ, especially in the Summer when we need to use up those cherry tomatoes.

Click here for Feta and Tomatoes Pasta Salad recipe.




One thought on “Winter is coming…

  1. Henry

    Last Sunday Night episode was so hot not even an Asbestos suit could have kept you from going up in flames.


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