How I love rainy days in Minnesota! I would take a rainy day any day over snow! I love the sound of the rain falling outside so I can just cuddle up and sleep! I miss that about our tin roofs in the islands. Here unless you open the windows you don’t hear a peep!

Prince has died…the whole world knows that. Game of Thrones season six is now back on for 3 months and then we will patiently wait 9 months for it to return. Season six was actually NOT written by George R.R Martin. So it will be interesting to see how the writers have interpreted the rest of the books which has yet to be released.

I have read all 5 books, yes I am a nerd, and those were some big, long books. Seasons 1-5 sort of follows the books. There are some twists and turns that should have been in the show that was left out. And now they have killed off Jon Snow? I am waiting for the Red Lady to bring him back to life. You can’t kill off Jon Snow! No Way!

If you ask me the dire wolves and the dragons are the only creatures that will survive this story!

Okay enough about my soap operas, time for what you really came here for…a recipe or two!

Today I am sharing 2 fabulous recipes that goes hand in hand. The first is this Jerk Pork, that I slow roasted in the oven over night for 8-10 hours on 200 degrees. When you wake up the next morning, be prepared for your home to be smelling like Christmas morning at home with your mom’s favorite ham baking! The next is a Vegetable Fried Rice. Cause you know sometime we need to stuck up on our vegetables and what better way to disguise it than in rice?

This Fried Rice has NO soy Sauce! What gives it, its beautiful brown color? Its a process called ‘browning’, made from sugar. It give the rice a whole new flavor. Try it this way. Follow the pictures to see how to ‘brown’ the sugar.

Click here for Jerk Pork & Vegetable Fried Rice recipes.






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