I clearly remember having an Avocado tree in our front yard growing up. An Avocado is actually called a Zaboca in Trinidad. There are different types of course because I do not remember our avocados being as small as they are here in the local grocery stores.

I remember the avocados at home was as huge as my head! I kid you not. It was creamy on the inside and sweet. If you were to buy one that is bug here its not good at all. It is guaranteed to be bruised on the inside, and very stringy which means too much water.

My kitchen is very rarely out of Avocados. It is one of those ‘good’ fats that you can actually eat and not feely guilty about. I eat it with my meals or alone with tortillas. I know a lot of folks complain that when they bring home their avocados it is black on the inside. A good way to check to see if your avocado is bruised or will be black on the inside it to use your finger and remove the little nub of a stem from the top of it. If it is light green, it will be good on the inside. If it is black or brown…put it back! Its a no go for sure.

Today I made a Roasted Corn and Avocado Salad. It has corn, avocados, cucumbers, jalapenos and heirloom tomatoes. What’s not to love? It is so yummy and easy to make. You can eat it as salsa with chips or as a side salad! What a great salad for your next BBQ or potluck.

Click here for Roasted Corn and Avocado Salad recipe.




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