What is Shakshuka? No is not a type of dance or Shakira moving her hips! And it is not made with eggplants. Its way more simple than that.

Shakshuka is believed to be a Libyan dish from North Africa. I stumbled upon this simple dish while doing research for an African article I had to write for a magazine. As you know from following me, Trini’s are known for their food and we will take any dish and make it ours.

This dish is actually similar to another dish we make for breakfast in Trinidad. It called Eggs & Tomatoes. The only difference is we don’t poach our eggs, we scramble it with the tomatoes. Honestly when I was home I can’t remember even eating my eggs any other way than scrambled. Even to day I still ask for my eggs poached over hard. I like my eggs dead! LMBO

Shakshuka is a tomato based sauce, with the eggs lightly poached in the sauce. Pita bread or a thick, crusty bread is used to sop up the sauce. For this recipe however I served mine with grilled cheese sandwiches! It was so good. Especially since I have been juicing and trying to stay away from the breads. I did not feel guilty at all…nope. My tummy was happy.

The twist in this classic dish was that I added fresh, ground Italian sausage. The sausage gives it a spicy, smoky flavor. It helps to cut the tartness of the tomatoes.

Click here for Shakshuka with Spicy Italian Sausage recipe.



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