At some point we all love to snack. We get the munchies!

How we snack is dependent on that sweet tooth right? As I have said before I don’t have a sweet tooth, that darn dentist must have removed it when I had 8 teeth removed at once! That is no lie or no made up story. I literally had 8 baby teeth removed at the same time. Apparently my teeth refused to fall out!

Oh did you all see Chopped last night on the Food network? Trini’s were in the house! A Jamaican too…and of course that Jamaican was so fierce he won! But not before the Trini gave him a run for his money. I went to bed dreaming of eating roti and curry goat!

Okay so back to snacking…Trini’s are known for making the most impossible food ever out of nothing! We are survivors. When I watch survivor on TV I say to the TV…puleaseee I could so survive on that island no problem!

One of the many snacks or ‘cutters’ as we like to say is a deep fried channa or chickpeas that is fried to a crispy golden brown and then seasoned with lots of pepper, cilantro and garlic.

It has to be spicy so that when you are drinking it will sober you up and make that ice cold brew taste all the more better! It is so addictive that you simply cannot stop at 1 handful!

Click here for Spicy Fried Chickpeas recipe.


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