This young body just cannot party like it used to! Yes I said that out loud. OMG and it is only Monday morning. I went out Friday night and then Saturday night I had my Ladies night In event. Two nights of being away from my bed is just too much on my body. I need more sleep.

Every few months a group of my gal pals and I get together at someone’s house to eat, laugh, talk about everything and just catch up. Everyone usually brings a dish or something to drink. I did this Cheese Board. Even though I cannot eat cheese.

I was excited to go try out the different cheeses, with different wines and pair it up with jams and jellies and olives! And seriously look how yummy that all looks when well placed on my board!

The monster ate half of it before I got to the Girls night in. After placing everything on the board, I think it weighted more than I did! So my advice is wait until you get to the event and then assemble your cheeses.

So the rule of thumb for Cheese Boards are hard, soft, aged and blue. Add in some jams and jellies, with fruit and you have a great Starter to your next party!




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