One of the things that I miss most about home in Trinidad is the street food. No where in the world that I have been too can beat our street food! Yes I am that bias and confident!

I remember going out to the club and after the club you would stop on the street to get hot Doubles, Alloo Pies, Burgers, Gyros, Corn Soup! You just cannot beat that!

In MN you can only get Pizza Luce which in my book just does not cut it.

Nothing beats a Hot Alloo Pie, topped with Curried Chickpeas and different chutneys like Mango Chutney, Tamarind Chutney, Cucumber Chutney!

We usually make the Chutneys out of whatever fruit is in season at the time.

I miss waking up on a Sunday morning and going to the market and stopping by the Doubles Man and getting my Doubles and Alloo Pie fix! I don’t think anyone cooks breakfast on a Sunday in Trinidad. We are all at the Doubles Vendor! LOL

This is also a great recipe for vegetarian’s, as it is completely meat free!

Try it!






2 thoughts on “Alloo Pies – A Trini Street Food

  1. Charlene @ That Girl Cooks Healthy

    My mouth was seriously watering looking at those aloo pies. I really have to visit Trinidad very soon because the food is amazing. I’ve been to Barbados where I was able to eat some of the authentic food made by Trini’s living in BIM and then of course many of my friends are Trinidadian but it’s not the same.


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