I know it has been almost a month since my last post! Holy Hannah!

With travel, being super busy and just lack of motivation time just got away from me.

I went to Toronto twice in the last month and then Labor Day weekend was our cricket tournament (pictures below) which kept me busy to say the least. In addition to all of that, my monster was getting ready to head back to school. Fifth grade…OMG, I am not ready for 5th grade math! I barely made it through 4th grade algebra last year!

Do you have any idea how much crying, and tantrums and staring goes on during Math homework? And some of the crying is me! LMBO

The recipe this week is one of my favorites. Steak! I love a good Ribeye Steak any day of the week, in fact I can eat Steak and a salad 5 days a week. Usually on a week night I just slab on some jerk seasoning on my steak and throw it on the grill.

But I decided to go all out and try this Coffee Rubbed Steak idea…It was equally delicious. And steak does not need a lot of different spices as you want the meat to shine.

Can you believe fall is upon us? I have a million trees in my yard…talk about all those darn leaves.


Labor Day Weekend Pictures.

curry chicken

Curry Chicken bubbling away.


Me cooking a big pot of Curry Lamb.


The winners got these.


And of course our honored guest. Mr. Augustine ‘Gus’ Logie.



One thought on “Ramblings…

  1. Henry

    Been a while since i had real home internet after moving. Now that i can fully check out this recipe, it looks both simple and great. Just need good coffee mostly. Will have to try it out. Will be able to grill that Steak on my new Gas Range for awesomeness. That duche pot looks like really Good Eats right there!

    What’s with Himalayan Salt? I don’t know much about it but i see you seem to use it allot.


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