It sure was a lazy sort of weekend for me. First off my mommy is here visiting with us. Which means, she does all the cooking, cleaning and the laundry. I get to request anything I want her to make! How cool is that!

She is here to spend time with our little monster, who is not so little anymore. She is ten now! I remember when she was a baby and I had to get in my car and drive around the block just so she can fall asleep. People ask me all the time when are you going to have kids? I remember all the sleepless nights with the monster and I ask myself if I can go through all of that again!

So while my mommy is here, we had a serious Trini Sunday lunch menu yesterday! It was so good…she made Fried Rice, potato salad, Fried Chicken and I made the Chicken Chowmein. Talk about over loading on the Carbs! All of which you can find the recipes for on my site, besides the potato salad. I have not posted that recipe yet.






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