Okay I have a major pet peeve!

Have you ever been in the situation where a friend or family member asks you out to dinner or for drinks. You are both sitting there chilling, talking, catching up and while you are really into your story, the other person pulls out there phone and starts texting, or checking facebook?

OMG…nothing drives me more insane than someone doing that while I am out with them. Okay if your phone rings…no worries, but seriously…you have to text and check facebook while I am talking? Like my conversation is boring you. How rude!

I am trying to teach my niece not to bring any phones or smart tabs to the dinner table. Thus far she has really been good with that stuff.

So boys and girls…try to put the gadgets away while in company…it can wait.

So this is a quick recipe called Bunny Chow. It is an African street food. I love, love street food.




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