I have been a busy little bee! From coming back from my Trinidad vacation to going right back out to my out of town trip for Memorial weekend and having to get my garden ready for planting it has been non-stop going.

My Trini vacation was awesome as usual, I love going home to my mommy’s cooking and relaxing on the beach. Apparently in one of my previous postings I gave someone the misguided conception that I did not like my country? To correct that, let me state, that is not what that post was intended to mean. I love, love my Caribbean heritage. I will not trade that for anything. I want my adorable little monster to grow up knowing what she came from.

However to go back there to live permanently with the crime is questionable. While I was there on vacation there was the unspeakable assassination of one of Trinidad’s most important female figure. I rest my case!

Memorial weekend was a blast! This is the first time in over 10 years that we actually had great weather! I actually had to use sun screen! Now that was a first.

This year we headed to the Alexandria, MN area to a beautiful cabin on Lake Carlos, where we met the nicest hosts, Andrew and Leslie! Their home and the location of it was beautiful. And I do believe they ordered up that awesome weather just for us as well!

While we were there, for dinner on the first night we made Jerk Chicken, so I wanted to re-create this recipe for the folks that do not have the time to make their own seasoning. Store bought is just as good! Sometimes even better! No shame in that. I love, love Eaton’s Jerk seasoning. And of course you need a refreshing side dish to cool down the spiciness of the jerk chicken. So here are my Eaton’s Jerk Chicken and my Grilled Caesar Pasta Salad.



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