It seems only fitting that I am blogging today from NC, seeing that the Vikings played the Panthers yesterday and got their butts handed to them on a silver platter! Luckily I did not wear my Panthers or my Vikings football jersey yesterday! And yes I actually have both teams jerseys, in fact I have jerseys with each of the teams in the NFL, so I root for whomever is winning that day! It drives my family nuts. LOL

I am in NC for work. I cannot complain about the weather here, compared to MPLS it is perfect. Got out of the airport yesterday and it felt like I was at the ocean! Which I will be at in 2 weeks. I am anxiously counting down the days. I cannot wait to eat my Bake and Shark, doubles every morning, my mom’s home cooking everyday. I am sure to gain at least 4 pounds. Hence the reason why I am trying to lose 3 pounds at least before I go home. So I can even it out and not feel guilty while I am gorging on everything in sight! I promise to make a really good effort to take pictures of the foods that are popular to Trinidad and Tobago while I am there. Hmmm Crab and dumplings! Ahhh I cannot wait. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the cool waves of the ocean lapping at my feet already.

Okay recipe time. I made and ate for the first time Lobster Mac and Cheese. Yes it was my first time eating mac and cheese. The reason is that I do not eat cheese or anything with cream. But my brother-in-law raves about these lobster mac and cheese at the restaurants we go to. So I figure what the heck I am going to give it a shot. It turned out way better than I anticipated.

I may have gone a little longer route but it was totally worth it.IMG_7922

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