TGIF…I bet you all are breathing a sigh of relief that it is finally FRIDAY! YAY…well now that I am now getting around to posting this Friday is actually almost gone! But I do love me some Saturdays too. Tomorrow is our Caribbean Festival here in MN. And of course since we have to be outside on the river, no less all day…the weather will be 70. Now for most normal people that is gorgeous weather right…Everyone should be out in their shorts and their ity bity tank tops, trying to catch a tan. Not us…we West Indian people will be bundled up for sure. Cause 70 degrees is cold shooot. I shall be sure to take some pictures of it. It is always a fun time. It is our Mini Carnival, so there are costumes and good food!

Now onto my recipe…today I shall be featuring Buttermilk Fried Chicken. I am always looking at these Food network cooking shows and their Buttermilk fried chicken that they show are always mouth watering so I figured what the heck….I can give this a shot. Of course I did not follow a specifis recipe. I never do, I always add my very own twist to what I am cooking. Hope you like it.


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